Have You Had Your Ducts Cleaned Recently? You Would Not Believe What They Have Been Gathering Up!

Don Halsey from Modern PURAIR Educates Us On The Importance of Cleaning Your Ducts.

** We take in stale air every single day

--> Dust particles, odours, molds, stale, hair, dead skin follicles are trapped in your ducts

** 50% of all illnesses are caused and aggravated by breathing in our air

--> How often should you clean your ducts? Every 2-3 years

Why Modern PureAir?

--> Western Canada’s largest indoor air quality company, cleaning duct work in thousands of commercial buildings and residential homes

** Can clean almost any type of duct - remove the dust, dander, pollen, doors, and allergies and dirt

** Proper training and have modern portable technology

** Eco-friendly and minimal noise