Do You Know The Different Types of Phases for an Environmental Site Assessment?

→ This week our Special Community Guest is Ridgeline Canada. Ridgeline Canada has been providing integrated and innovative Environmental and Waste Management Services in Western Canada since 1999.

*** Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are a systematic screening tool used by the oil and gas industry to make informed decisions on the Environmental Liability associated with a specific property.

→ The Phase I ESA does not involve intrusive procedures. Sampling and analysis of soil, groundwater, or building materials is not carried out as part of the assessment. 

*** The role of the assessor is to document evidence of actual or potential contamination and not to judge the acceptability of risks associated with such contamination.

→ The Phase II ESA confirms the presence and types of impacts at your property. Assessments involve analysis of past site activities and soil sampling at predetermined locations and depths. 

** They may also use electromagnetic (EM) technology to quickly identify areas of potential concern.