5 Ways the Market is Changing

The Central Alberta real estate market is an ever-changing scene. So what does that mean for you? 

1. The Selling Season As the weather changes, so does the market. We are currently coming into our Spring market, one of the busiest times in real estate. Previously listed properties are being re-listed as well as new properties. 

2. Buying a Lifestyle Many of today’s buyers are looking for a property that can give them the lifestyle they want, not just the investment opportunity. This approach to real estate means that the home search is about more than the house itself; buyers are putting just as much emphasis on the neighbourhood atmosphere, local amenities, and what trendy restaurants or cafes are nearby. 

3. Up-and-Coming Neighbourhoods  In Central Alberta, many first-time buyers are looking at the up-and-coming neighbourhoods for a home that fits their budget. Laredo, Vanier, The Vista, Crestview, Aspen Lakes West have rapidly developed into in-demand neighbourhoods. 

4. Home Prices Start to Stabilize Stability in prices, although we are just around the corner we are starting to see some consistency in pricing.  

5. The Internet Influence In 2016, 92% of buyers will use the Internet in their home search in some capacity, making digital marketing more vital than ever. By combining traditional methods of advertising, such as door knocking and Just Listed postcards, with modern methods including social advertising, listings are more accessible and have greater exposure than ever.